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10 Days Isha Yoga Retreat in Egypt

This retreat will be exclusively in English.

When ?

From 8th to 19th June 2024
8th - Arrival in Luxor
8 to 12 - Luxor
12 - Luxor to Aswan by train
12 to 16 - Aswan
16 - Aswan to Cairo by plane
16 to 19 - Cairo
19 - Departure, end of the retreat.

What's included ?

  • Every stay and hotel for the total duration of the retreat.
  • Every taxi to go and come back from the temples.
  • Train from Luxor to Aswan.
  • Every temple entrance.
  • Pyramid entrance sites.
  • Taxi from the Airport to the hotel on arrival/hotel to the airport on departure

Hotel in Luxor

Rooms of the hotels in Luxor and Aswan

Hotel in Aswan


What's not included ?

  • Flight tickets - you will have to take the following:
    Your country - Luxor (Arrival)
    Aswan - Cairo
    Cairo - your country (Departure)
  • Visa
  • Food (count around 7€ maximum for one full meal and 1€ for mango juice) ~ We will eat twice a day, local vegetarian food, in a friend's restaurant or the hotel one~
  • Expenses

Who can come ?

Whoever desires to learn Isha Yoga practices and discover ancient Egyptian realms is welcome.However, this retreat is not for tourists who wish to come without including the daily yoga learning.

What are the health conditions needed ?

People from every age above 18 are welcome to come.
The season will be hot; it is essential to be aware of that aspect and not to underestimate the heat. If there are any difficulties, please note that this retreat might be challenging.
In most temples, it will be shady enough to be at ease.

Why is it in June and not in winter ?

The high pick season in Egypt is in winter. Going anywhere we want would be crowded and fully packed, avoiding a true experience of the places.
June, being hot but very manageable if you are okay with the heat, is the opposite: a very empty season.
In that direction, many temples are empty of tourists.
In some cases, we might be the only ones out there.

Which practices are we gonna learn in the retreat ?

Surya Kriya

The main and powerful practice, Surya Kriya aims towards transforming our way of being as a whole to leave in harmony within and around us.

Surya Shakti

Combined with Surya Kriya and including similar steps, Surya Shakti is mainly focused on building dynamism and strenght in the system.

Shanmukhi Mudra

Also called yoga for the face, Shanmukhi helps rejuvenating the face and senses by releasing the tensions and minds in a very effective way in simply 15 minutes.


The utterance of the sounds to elevate our consciousness is also known as the science of Mantras.

What price ?

Early birds

You're in advance, lucky you. Here's the price for you. 🪲
Till december 2023

Normal price of the retreat

Pay in installments

Pay in installments 5 times for a total of 2000€.


Rooms can be chosen as being alone or paired with someone of the same gender. The price remains the same.

Of course! Flexibility is acquired with practice and does not require you to be able to touch your feet to be able to come.

There are no services to care for children once we are on the retreat, and the temperature might be hot occasionally. It will not be possible to come with children.

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