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Your Isha Yoga Teacher


Hello everyone; I am Srimanta, a name given to me by the one to whom I am grateful for showing me a powerful path of transformation that I now have the privilege of teaching: Sadhguru.
I discovered this path through many trips and years in India; and after several experiments with practices, there came a flashpoint that it was possible to transmit what also transformed me on a daily basis. And it could become my life, not just what I love. Following this, I followed the teacher training in 2017 at the Isha Yoga Center, Sadhguru's ashram in India. This training lasts approximately 2000 hours spread over 5 full months.

I don't see spreading yoga as work; it is a continuation of the inner journey that has taken place. In that sense, it is a possibility. For those who want to learn powerful, transformative yoga tools that can be practiced anywhere, anytime, as long as you are here – this is it.
And it’s also a possibility for my growth.
Nowadays, yoga is widely spread, as is ancient knowledge. It is very beautiful to witness and be a part of it, because our ancestors knew much more about our mechanics and our existence than our schools made us believe. Yoga is a very ancient science that should be followed, experienced and lived – and should not just be the latest gadget.
This science does not belong to the past but concerns today's world and the future of our evolution. It’s not just about twisting or softening the body; it is a way of being, an understanding of how we function in relation to our layers and our environment – ​​and being able to articulate ourselves harmoniously rather than through friction. It's a way of uniting with yourself first, then with what you do with it.

I easily admit the immense opportunity that participating in the dissemination of this science represents, but it is difficult to find oneself among so many misunderstandings about what yoga can bring to today's world. If I tell you that through voice and singing I can still transmit keys to transformation; it’s still part of yoga. And I also use my voice in the form of chants, poetry and meditations to help me on my path.

Ultimately, it is only through our experience that we can honestly know the difference things make. This is why I am here with the path of yoga – the path of union.